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About us

World class turnkey solutions


Major players including SBM, Bluewater, Maersk, Wintershall and Gaz de France, regularly call in the expertise of Imperial Valve. They all have real respect for our specialist knowledge, and they appreciate our huge range of: 1) double block and bleed valves, 2) instrument valve manifolds and 3) instrument protection enclosures.


1 Double block and bleed valves (DBB)

A DBB is a combination of three valves with piping and instrument valves in. This combination offers two major advantages: fewer leaks and lighter construction. As a result, not only do you save money but also increase safety.


Your needs are our central point of focus. For example, at the request of a major player in the oil industry, we engineered an (easy-to-install) double block and bleed valve, to measure both pressure and temperature at a single point.


Another classic example of our tailor-made approach is a valve for FPSOs. The customer wanted a valve suitable for high temperatures and called in our advice. What risks, what gaskets, what guarantees? In close consultation, Imperial Valve delivered a bespoke solution: a valve suitable for temperatures up to 500 °C.


2 Instrument valve manifolds

We offer a wide range including 2, 3 and 5-valve manifolds, suitable for all standard pressure transmitters including those from Honeywell.


3 Instrument protection enclosures

Produced from glass reinforced polyester (GRP) and available in a range of sizes and models, for example in antistatic material, with or without a viewing window, and heated or unheated. We can do it all. The transmitter head inside or outside the enclosure? The choice is yours. Do you want an enclosure connected to a bundle? Just leave it to us. You can also indicate whether you want a wall-mounted model or an enclosure mounted on a 2-inch post.


• Worldwide service

For more than 60 years, we have been serving operators in the oil, gas and energy sectors, where high quality and short delivery times are vital. Our specialists are at home in ‘your world’ and understand your needs. We recognise that every minute of shutdown represents a considerable loss in value, and we understand how important it is that you receive fast, good-quality support, at your own location. That is why Imperial Valve delivers worldwide service.


• Rapid delivery from stock

We can respond directly to your needs from our various production locations spread across Europe. We also maintain large stocks including instrument manifolds, monoflanges and ball valves, and are able to deliver tailor-made products without delay. For example, if you are looking for a Large Bore DBB that meets your specifications, we can supply the part within 16 weeks.


• Lower costs, greater ease

Imperial Valve also supplies complete configurations that offer attractive advantages. Firstly: cost reduction. Everything under one roof means considerable savings in both time and money. On top of that, your life is made easier with a single point of contact and a single invoice.


One example of a complete configuration supplied by Imperial Valve is an instrument valve manifold on which a Honeywell pressure transmitter is mounted. This system can even be supplied in a waterproof (IP 66) enclosure – with a heating element – that protects the system against impact, moisture and salt penetration. On request, we will even test the configuration for correct functioning and leak proofness. At the end of the process, we then supply a test certificate.


• Total Cost of Ownership

We are in a position to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, and to extend the lifecycle of your installations. Precisely for those reasons, more and more businesses are opting out of the ‘cheap’ valves from China and India, preferring instead the components from Imperial Valve, produced according to the highest standards in the EU.


• at least 15 years maintenance-free
• no matter what your needs, always the ideal solution
• major savings thanks to smaller and lighter configurations
• fewer leakages and safer systems thanks to integrated solutions
• all solutions in compliance with international standards and specifications