Instrument double block and bleed valves (dbb's)

Where compactness and a high specification for mechanical and piping applications is required, Imperial Valve offers a complete range of instrument double block and bleed valves (dbb's) in accordance with ANSI / ASME B.16.34.

Double block and bleed valves (dbb)
Sampling & chemical injection dbb
  Imperial Valve, Instrument double block & bleed valves   Imperial Valve, Sampling & chemical injection double block and bleed valves

  Features double block and bleed valves / dbb's
  • Through bore ball-needle-ball configuration
  • Reduced and full bore sizes available
  • Flange x thread or flange x flange configurations
  • Sampling and chemical injection versions available
  • Handle locking option available
  • Fire tested in accordance with BS6755 part II

  Specifications double block and bleed valves / dbb's
  • Flange sizes 1/2" upto 3" available
  • Ratings: ANSI 150-2500 lbs / DIN PN10-PN160
  • Materials: a wide selection of materials for both body and internals, e.g.: carbon steel, low alloy steels, stainless steels, Duplex, Ni-alloys and titanium. Including NACE MR- 01-75 (latest revision)

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