Instrument protection enclosures

Together with DP Systems, Imperial Valve can offer a complete range of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) instrument protection enclosures for protection against frost, sand, salt spray and other harmful environments.


Rigid enclosures

Non-rigid enclosures
  Imperial Valve, rigid grp instrument enclosures for protection   Imperial Valve, non rigid grp instrument enclosures for protection

  Features instrument protection enclosures
  • Diagonal split/front door type available
  • Thermally insulated body enclosures available
  • Standard colour light gray
    Other colours available
  • Stainless steel toggles and fasteners

  Specifications instrument protection enclosures
  • Protection rating to IP66, BS 5490 / IEC 524
  • Temperature range -55°C to +140°C
  • Impact resistant to BS 5501
  • Fire retardant to BS 476 part 7 class 2 and self extinguishing
  • Anti-static to BS 5501 available

Additional products

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