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De Gidts & Feldman: Founded in 1947

Two passionate entrepreneurs – Nicolaas Jan Korg Gidts and Tibor Feldman – started in Amsterdam in 1947 with the import of low-cost automation products and steel / metal products. Over the years, the emphasis shifted to instrumentation. In 1952 the range was extended with filtration products (technical textiles).


Business was good and there was a need for more square footage for assembly and storage. In 1981 the company settled in Almere Haven, centrally located in the Randstad. This move gave room for expansion. It was the start of partnerships and mergers with leading brands which enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide.


Imperial Valve: Founded in 1992

In 1992, Imperial Valve Ltd was established as a subsidiary of De Gidts & Feldman. Dave Pascoe, one of the first employees of the company, to this day still works with the company. Initially, the products of Imperial Valve were manufactured in Winsford, UK, but since 2004 the production has expanded considerably over different locations in Europe.


Over the years, Imperial Valve has gained a strong market position with its products. In 2010, Imperial Valve B.V. was created to meet the growing demand for export. Since that time all deliveries to foreign customers by Imperial Valve B.V. are delivered through a network of carefully selected distributors.


Anaparts: Founded in 1995

Ronald Bakker – current DGA De Gidts & Feldman Group – started in the mid 90s with Anaparts. The company initially started from his home and has had customers from day one. BFI flame monitoring is the main product line, supplemented with sample panels from our own facilities. A year later – in 1996 – Anaparts moved to Almere, where an office with warehouse facilities provided space for expansion.


Anaparts – now also with smouldering detection and wireless gas detection – is growing rapidly and shows a beautiful stabilization of its turnover. Even though it is a relatively small player in the world of instrumentation, Anaparts has all the major producers of electricity among its customers.


Virago Valves: Founded in 1997

After successfully running his company Anaparts for two years, the owner of a supplier of valves, including Alfa Valvole approached Ronald Bakker . Forces were joined and the establishment of Virago Valves is a fact.


In 1998 Virago Valves moved to the current complex on De Steiger in Almere, home of the complete Gidts & Feldman Group. From here Virago Valves grew rapidly to be one of the major Dutch suppliers  of fittings and valves.


De Gidts & Feldman Group: Founded in 1998

In 1998, Ronald talked to the owner of De Gidts & Feldman. They both saw the benefits of a merger. This created De Gidts & Feldman Group – including Anaparts and Virago Valves – which enriches the market with a central point of contact for the complete and varied product range.