Lower torque, smaller actuator

A major oil transportation company in the UK has recognised the benefits of lower torque: now they can use smaller actuators. And bottom line they will save money. These are the most important reasons why they are now standardised on Imperial Valve.


Rotork Skilmatic Q80


What is torque?

With the increased demand for automation, valves with actuated mechanisms are becoming more popular. Most of these actuators fall into three categories: electric, hydraulic and pneumatic. They all have one thing in common: they have to open, close or regulate the valve. To do that, the actuator has to apply sufficient force to turn the valve. This we call torque.


Prevail: total price of the complete assembly

Sometimes this resistance (due to the design of the valve) can be very high. The force required to operate the valve is then even higher. How often do you see in pipework, that an actuator sitting on top of a valve, is more than twice the size of the valve itself? This cannot be a good solution! Not only must the extra weight on the pipe be calculated, the assembly is very large and the cost unnecessary high. Very often, people go for the lowest price of the valve, but do not look at the total price of the complete assembly. Not a good idea.


Complete range of Low Torque Ball Valves

Imperial Valve have in their program a complete range of Low Torque Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, up to size 20 inch. If the torque is low, then the actuator can go down at least one size. The benefits are obvious:

  • the complete assembly is cheaper
  • the weight is less
  • the size of the assembly is smaller


Another big advantage

Dave Pascoe, sales director Imperial Valves: “The smaller size of the assembly is very useful in underground pipes and storage. But Imperial Valve has another trick up their sleeve. Through design we reduced the distance from the pipework centreline to the base of the valve. If you’re down a hole trying to install or maintain the pipework, you will understand why this is a big advantage!”


Want to know more?

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