NAM chooses Flexi-Jaxx

The Flexi-Jaxx fulfils a need! NAM is one of the companies that highly appreciates these flexible insulating jackets. At various locations in Groningen, NAM placed over the past year, various types and sizes of Flexi-Jaxx around the different applied instrument manifolds. Recently there was an evaluation by the NAM on the implementation and testing in the field. The results were so positive that the NAM has decided to replace in the future the hard ‘body enclosures’ for Flexi-Jaxx.




Instrumentation weather protected

What came out of the tests? Dave Pascoe of De Gidts & Feldman: “An important point is that the instrumentation is well protected against adverse weather conditions such as frost, rain and condensation. Together with NAM, we have examined the data, which showed – by applying the Flexi-Jaxx – there are fewer voids between the jacket and the instrumentation. Thus, there appears to be less energy required to keep the instrumentation at the right temperature.”


No hard cover, but flexible jacket

Dave Pascoe: “The NAM uses various brands of transmitters. Therefore, they do not want a hard cover, but a flexible insulated jacket that is easier to apply for multiple manufacturers’ manifolds and transmitters. The Flexi-Jaxx must also have the ability to be used in conjunction with a heater block and junction box mounting.”


Benefits of Flexi-Jaxx
  • protects manifold and transmitter to weather influences (frost, rain, wind)
  • Flexi-Jaxx is antistatic, important for application in gas fields
  • the 100 mm thick insulation layer gives significantly better insulation than hard ‘body enclosures’. Better insulation means savings on energy costs
  • easier to fit, especially when there is little space around the equipmentseams (stitching) are made of Kevlar: light, water resistant and strong (even birds can not destroy it)
  • tie straps are UV resistant
  • Flexi-Jaxx are custom made to specification, closely following the instrumentation it has to insulate
  • fits all brands of instrumentation and process valves (not just those of Imperial Valve) and is also available for insulation of other piping components (like pumps and filters)
  • relatively short delivery time (2-6 weeks)
  • favourable price in relation to the comparable hard ‘body enclosures’