Measure at a single point

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to measure pressure and temperature at the same point in a pipeline? Shell International certainly felt this was the case and in response, together with Imperial Valve, developed a compact flange that made precisely that application possible.


flange adapter


From API 6A to ASME B16.5

The compact flange is effectively a flange adapter that converts API 6A formats (as used at the wellhead) into ASME B16.5 formats (as used on the flow lines that discharge from the wellhead.


ASME B16.34 compliant

The flange assembly in the photograph is a Double Block and Bleed Valve (as you would expect for this application). It is also useful to know that all valves comply with the ASME B16.34 requirements, thereby guaranteeing absolute safety. The entire assembly (including transmitter) can even be fitted and pressure-tested up to 650 Bar (API 5000) in our own workshop.



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