Beautiful insulated pipelines – Or maybe not…

Jackets for pipelines Imperial ValveThese beautiful insulated pipelines aren’t that beautiful anymore if you have to take it apart for maintenance or checking for leakages, etc. You know the problem. Your maintenance crew cannot take it apart (without the correct authorization) or worse still, you have to ask the installation contractor to come on site and he’s busy somewhere else… serious delays.

What you need is an insulated jacket that can be easily mounted around the pipework (or valves) and can be easily removed by your own maintenance crew. Using Velcro fastenings, its quicker than undoing a bra !!

Just think of the time saved, and then think of the cost saving!
These jackets can be made in any size. They can come with heating or non-heating versions and are also anti-static. 100mm insulation is standard.

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